I am the architect of my own personal torture

So divert me from my RL

13 March
Thanks to my amazing husband, I now have an LJ account to use to facilitate my recently acquired fanfic addiction. I primarily read Veronica Mars and the Gilmore Girls, with some OC, Bones, Buffy (primarily Buffy/Angel, really) and Friday Night Lights fiction thrown in for good measure, and I have no problem with cross-overs (especially those involving the Jossverse). In regards to VM, I am primarily a LoVe girl (as my husband's choice of picture shows) -- much to my husband's chagrin -- but I read all sorts of ships. As for GG, for some reason I can't really figure out, I tend to only read Rory and Tristan or Finn. I do like unconventional ships in some fandoms.

I am just a reader, NOT a writer, but I read all sorts of stories. I do try to comment when I read things I like, and some of you might have seen my "AC" comments in the past (it took me an embarassingly long time to figure out I could comment anonymously), and my husband thought I needed an actual identity. Not to mention that apparently, having an account can actually get me sneak-previews into the writing of the folks I read.

I have also discovered that LJ is a good outlet for my addiction to TV. I will post about the shows I watch -- I am a TV junkie. I also am the mom of 3 kids, so there are some kid related posts. I am very technologically slow, so there will likely be no bells or whistles here, people. Nice to be here!