Late to the party

So, I finally watched the Gilmore Girls episodes on the Netflix yesterday.  Yes, I procrastinated getting Netflix and procrastinated watching, and then watched them all in one day.  I guess that is one way to spend your birthday!  So, thoughts --

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I liked seeing the Gilmore Girls again.  I cannot quite believe I binge-watched it, though.  Whew.  I heard they might do more and I am not 100% sure about that, but I would probably watch.  

So unhip

For my not-quite-annual posting;

Not that my kids would be surprised, but I keep coming across things that make me realize how un-cool I am now.  The latest?  (And I am prepared for the flak)  I am over Beyonce. Yes, you are pregnant.  Congratulations, happy for this person I don't know in the least.  Sure.  But way too much hoopla is made over celebrity uteri.  And I basically fast forwarded through the Grammy performance.  Yes, good messages, etc., but the imagery is over the top for me.  *sigh*  I am definitely in the old fuddy-duddy camp now.  As my teenager would be happy to agree with.  Even my 9 year old tells my husband I have no swag.  Why I need swag as a middle-aged mom/federal bureaucrat is a whole other question.

A public safety message

This is my week to advocate for wearing helmets when you are on a bike or a scooter or whatever you ride.  Whether you are a child (usually it's required and yet I still see kids in my neighborhood with no helmets) or an adult (when it's often optional).  You never know what can happen.  I just found out that a long-time friend of the family who is a few years younger than me died in Seoul after a horrible bike accident on the road.  He was only going a short distance and wasn't wearing a helmet and after surgeries and a few weeks in the hospital, he couldn't hang on any more.  So, please wear your helmets.  And make your kids wear their helmets.  Even if the kid down the street doesn't have one on.  Thanks.

Much suckage

Just another quick note into the ether to say that head lice suck.  One of the kids brought home a raging case and now 2 more of us have it and there is daily combing in our future for the next 8 to 10 days or so.  Ugh.  This may actually break me.  We are really lucky we haven't had to deal with this before, but man, does this bite!  Off to vaccuum the car....

A random Oscar reaction (or two)

I may have been the only one who noticed, but I was ridiculously excited that "I can't go on" from Smash was sung by Jennifer Hudson last night after the In Memoriam segment.  I know that they changed the words and such, but she killed that song on the show and it's such a good song.  It deserves not to die with the show.

I hardly ever see any of the movies involved in the Oscars, save some of the animated ones, but I did manage to see the winning short documentary about the veteran's crisis hotline and I was happy to see some fellow feds getting some recognition for the work they are doing.  There are a lot of feds out there doing really good things and getting tarred with the ugly brush because of who their employer is.

A long show last night, and no real surprises, as I understand it, but all in all, not too bad.
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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to any LJ friends who are hanging out there in the interwebs.  I hope you have a happy and healthy 2015!

My holiday season is going a bit awry as my parents and brother were supposed to arrive tomorrow, and now my parents have had to cancel as my mom has some horrible pain in her neck and shoulder which the drugs don't seem to help and so driving in a car for a full day to get here is just out of the question.  I know she and my dad are really disappointed and so are the kids.  (Being in pain is certainly not the way to spend the holiday, either.)  I am disappointed too, but I am also trying to adjust my menu for all the food in my fridge from feeding 8 to feeding 5 or 6.  I don't know if my brother will come without them, so we may have a pretty quiet Christmas.  Not a bad thing, though.  Definitely would be more laid back.  I'm not sure it will feel very Christmas'y with 60 degree and rainy weather on Christmas Eve, but what can you do.  We will head for the in-laws to ring in the New Year.  I hope any of you who are travelling arrive safely!

Sending happy holiday thoughts your way!

Drop Dead Gorgeous

This is a movie that I really like that I just don't see re-run often enough.  It was on last night and I was so pleased.  The cast is lovely and it is just so insane and the fake documentary set-up felt different then.  It always makes me laugh.  I highly recommend a re-viewing, if you can catch it.  And if you haven't seen it yet, what are you waiting for?
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